jeudi 17 avril 2008

Palazzo Zuccari

Le Palazzo Zuccari à Rome
"In the Via Gregoriana, a small street near the top of the Spanish Steps, sits the delightful Palazzetto Zuccari. This small palazzo was built by the artist Federico Zuccari. Work began on the building in 1591 and was completed after Zuccari's death in 1609. Known as a theorist as well as an artist, he is perhaps best known today for having finished the frescos begun by Giorgio Vasari in the dome of the Florence cathedral and his book on theory L'Idea de'scultori, pittori e architetti, published in 1607.
The facade of Palazzetto Zuccari is an absolute delight. The central door and the windows are all framed with fantastical sculptures of the "Mouth of Hell" school. Despite this whimsy, the entire facade is beautifully proportioned and stately. Inside (closed to the public), there is a delightful garden and lavishly painted rooms."

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